Proper Packing

Over the last year I’ve had the opportunity to watch people move their valuable contents into storage and not properly pack them. By this I mean not covering mattress’ or sofas, stacking broken or unsafe boxes on top of each other, not using newsprint or tissue to wrap dishes and glasses, or better yet not covering their flat screen TV. The cost of items to properly pack these is fairly inexpensive, I do understand that it takes more time, and some of us don’t have it, but the consequences are far worse. I don’t remember how many people don’t even get started to place their valuables in storage that something broke on the way, or while they are filling up the unit, something falls over and breaks. Murphy’s Law states that the most expensive or sentimental item will be the first to suffer a casualty. Our advice at Carnforth Self Storage is buying the necessary supplies to pack and take your time doing it. Trust us we’ve seen it all here……


The First Carnforth Self Storage Blog

Welcome to the Carnforth Self Storage Blog.

Since this is our first blog, we would love to introduce ourselves.

Carnforth self storage is a state of the art storage facility. We are a proudly Canadian, privately owned, family business — unlike other storage facilities which are owned by large real estate companies or private equity firms, with their main responsibility being their shareholders, our main responsibility is YOU THE CUSTOMER. You will find our facility, clean, safe, and competitively priced. Its wide variety of unit sizes is also ideal for businesses and professionals looking for off site storage. In addition, our superior customer service is why Carnforth Self Storage is Your Total Storage Solution.

We are conveniently located at 62 Carnforth Rd, just 2 km from the DVP and Lawrence and also 3.5 km from Hwy 401 and Victoria Park Ave. Our location is ideal, offering easy accessibility and making us one of the best located storage facilities around, which is why our customers come from all over the Toronto area, including North York, Scarborough and East York.

Come in for a tour and experience the difference.