New Years Decluttering Resolution

With the holiday season soon over, January is the perfect month to dedicate to de-cluttering your home. We all make New Year’s resolutions to eat and maintain a healthier lifestyle, or to be more financially responsible in the new year, but few people commit to being more organized at home. We seem to accumulate stuff throughout the year and then realize that there is no room to store our items and everything looks messy. This is why January is the ideal time to make a plan as to what we should keep, what we should throw away, and what  we should store at a self- storage facility. Unlike other resolutions which we seem to break within the first two months, studies show that if you start the year off by organizing and de-cluttering your home, you tend to maintain it throughout the year. Spend a little time to see what you need to keep or throw away, and if you’re not sure rent a unit at a storage facility near your home.  The extra space you will gain with the storage unit will leave your home looking neat, clean and organized, and by renting a unit near your home you will enjoy  immediate access to your belongings.  Carnforth Self Storage wishes you heath and prosperity for the New Year.


Maximizing Office Space

Have you ever gone to a professional office, whether its a lawyer, accountant, or doctor and they have boxes of files stacked everywhere? Well I have and its very unprofessional looking for the so called professionals. I think to myself, why don’t they rent a small locker at a self storage facility near them, usually at a minimal cost, and put all their files or documents there and make the office look good. I as a customer/patient notice how it looks, and ask myself, are they going to misplace my file, or they look very unorganized, is this the person that should be taking care of me. By storing away these items they will make better use of their space, maybe see more customers/patients, or add new equipment that will provide more efficiency. I urge you to go out and shop for a unit near you, the cost of this unit will be nothing in comparison to what you can earn from simply maximizing your existing office space. You will thank us at Carnforth Self Storage.