Climate Controlled vs. Outdoor

Now that we find ourselves in the middle of one of the coldest winters in recent memory, it would be a good time to differentiate between storing your items in a climate controlled unit or an outdoor one. First of all a climate controlled unit is  indoors and is centrally heated to around 17 C in the winter, just enough to keep you possessions warm,and keep humidity at an appropriate level. In the summer when there is no need for heat, ceiling fans move the hot air around to help keep the  temperature low as well as control humidity. A non climate controlled unit is an outdoor unit that has neither a heating or cooling system in place, and is more exposed to the harsh outdoor elements.

Where you decide to store your items is entirely up to you and depends on your contents. In an outdoor unit with the cold, furniture has been known to crack, and in the summer with the heat and no air circulation, mattresses and clothing may develop a permanent odor, or worse depending on the humidity levels may develop mold. Also keep in mind that you may exposed to the elements when you are storing or retrieving your belongings. Of course outdoor units are still great and convenient if you are storing a motor vehicle, or any other items that can’t be affected by extreme weather.

As a general rule climate controlled units may be slightly more expensive, but offer more advantages to storing your valuables. At Carnforth Self Storage we pride ourselves in helping our customers make informed decisions.