Hire movers or do it yourself?

One of our most asked questions, is “should we hire movers or do it ourselves?” Our answer is always the same, “Do you have friends that can help and can you get a truck?”  People seem to think that hiring professional movers, (emphasis on “professional”) are too expensive and that they can do it themselves. The issues that arise when you take on  moving yourself is you must  have  friends that are willing to help you regardless of the weather  and,  you must  have the proper equipment, dollies, blankets and truck to complete the move. Another important issue to consider  is how valuable are your contents?   Are they  awkward to move?  A friend and yourself are more likely to cause damage  than a professional mover.  Have you taken into account  the width of the  doors,  hallways and elevators? As easy as the Do It Yourself person thinks it is, we simply don’t have the experience and will either break something or even worse, hurt ourselves.

If you  know you can’t do it yourself, by all means hire a PROFESSIONAL mover, and not someone randomly from Kijiji. This is where the horror stories begin, with customers telling us all the time that they hired these movers who were well priced, but found out after that they were terrible. Do your research with movers, check their reviews on Google or find them on homestars.ca, and see what others are saying about them. Sure they may be more expensive, but believe us, they are well worth it. Have them come to  your home to give you  a written estimate, so you won’t have any surprises half way through the move.    Depending on how much you have to move, make sure there are 3 movers so your  billable hours don’t build up unnecessarily.

All we are saying here is take your time and figure out which method is best for you. If you can do it yourself great! If you can’t, hire a PROFESSIONAL.