House Staging

Now that spring has finally arrived, people have started to think about putting their homes on the market. Realtors will tell you to spruce the place up, a fresh coat of paint, maybe upgrade the washrooms or kitchen, or get rid of an old carpet and throw some wood flooring down. All this is true and will help sell your home quicker and hopefully for more, but an often overlooked inexpensive technique is to stage your home. By this we mean get it sale ready by clearing out stuff that may crowd the home or worse yet make it look messy. A simple 5×10 locker at a self storage facility near you will alleviate this problem. A locker this size will house all the boxes you have kicking around; a piece of furniture that takes up valuable space; extra clothing that make closets look small; decorative plates and glasses that make cupboard space not look useful; and seasonal equipment stored in what is suppose to be a two car garage. At Carnforth Self Storage we work with many  agents that advise their clients to do this before anything else. Those  who have staged  their home say that it made a world of difference,  it made the house look bigger  and brighter.  No costly upgrades required!

Another benefit to off site storage is when your house is finally sold, you are better organized for the move,and can even continue to use the storage for a month or so after you’ve moved into your new place.  Off site storage allows you to bring your things into your new home when you are ready.