Rental Rate Variables

When shopping for a self storage facility for whatever your needs are, it’s important to keep in mind that there are many different variables that affect pricing. As always when you narrow down your choices, it’s important to ask are the comparable’s the same. Are the facilities you are shopping for in a rural or urban area, are they indoors vs. outdoors, are they climate controlled, is there 24/7 access, what’s the security like, is it a 4 week billing cycle or a monthly billing cycle, what are the extra fees, how often do rental increases happen, and we are not even going to mention  customer service, that topic needs its own blog.

Often people come to us and  say they found the same sized unit at another facility for $5 to $10 less than us and can we match it? We always take the time to sit down with our clients to see WHAT we are MATCHING. Are we even comparing the same factors?  Are you getting a cheaper price because the unit is on a second or third level, while ours are all on one main level? Are they billing you on a four week cycle instead of a monthly anniversary cycle? On a four week cycle there are some months where you will be billed twice!  When taking all this into consideration  it usually isn’t the better deal.

What  we are essentially trying to get at here is, if you base your decision on the cheapest monthly rate and don’t take into consideration some of the variables we mentioned, in the long run your unit will end up costing you more money . Take your time when deciding on a facility, do your research on its amenities  and make an informed decision.  Remember, an informed decision is a correct decision.