5 Ways to Create a Customer Experience

5 Ways to Create a Customer Experience

Starting a new business is risky, even with an outstanding product or service and great marketing, it is a well-known fact that 50% of businesses fail within the first year. Creating a positive customer experience can greatly mitigate this number. Notice we said customer experience and not customer service, there is a difference; the former is a customer’s interaction with your business from the first point of contact all the way through to the end of the business relationship, while the latter usually deals with one specific incident (usually a problem or a grievance). The majority of self-storage facilities are owned by Real Estate Income Trusts (REITs) and run by management companies who have access to unlimited amounts of advertising income, and for the smaller owner operated facilities (like ours) to survive they must provide an exceptional customer experience. Focus on providing an exceptional customer experience enabled us to create a loyal client base which helped us survive our first 12 critical months of operation. We have compiled a list of the five things that helped us create a differentiated customer experience.

1.) Always be Engaged:  This is the cornerstone of every positive customer experience.  If a customer feels he or she is being ignored or worse their presence is a distraction, you have lost that customer.  Everyone wants to feel like they are being heard and their concerns have been validated, maintaining eye contact and responding  to  questions with more than a shrug or “uh huh” can do this.

2.) Create a Connection with your Customers:  The best way to win a customer’s loyalty is to make them feel that you share a unique connection. This connection can be about anything that will help the customer see you as a real person.

3.) Increase the Range of your Services:  Offering services above and beyond what your competitors offer will help you pull ahead from the pack.

4.) Be a Good Employer:  Treat your staff well so they treat you well. And by “you” we mean your business and your customers.  If you are an inconsiderate employer, your staff will ultimately transfer this onto your customers.

5.) Be Solution Oriented:   Make sure you and your staff are always solution oriented.  This may sounds easy but, when faced with a problem or a conflict most people focus on proving their actions justified rather than moving beyond the conflict toward a solution.

Best of Luck!

Carnforth Self Storage


Our 10 Step Plan to Safeguard Your Documents

Elements natural and unnatural put us and our families at risk.   Minimize this risk by properly storing your valuable and important documents.  To many it seems like a daunting task but not really, if you approach the task in a clear and methodical manner.  We have broken down this process into ten simple steps.

Step 1:  You must decide where you are going to store your documents, in your home, in a safety deposit box at your bank, or in an offsite storage facility.   We suggest your home or an offsite facility, particularly if you are already renting a storage unit.  The problem with a safety deposit box is you are at the mercy of a banks limited hours however,  tragedy hardly EVER strikes during banking hours, and you may require immediate access to particular documents such as extra keys, credit cards, debit cards etc.

Step 2:  Once you determine the where, you need to begin locating and collecting your important documents and valuables  Your collections should include things like, birth, marriage and death certificates, passports, SIN cards,  deeds, life insurance policies, immunizations records, wills, testaments , life wills, spare keys, credit cards, debit cards, banking  information. In addition, you may want to add sentimental family items such genealogies, photographs, letters etc.

Step 3:   Make copies!   Either scan or photocopy documents, photos, and letters as a backup.

         Step 4:  Separate the vitals into two piles, the first pile should consist of documents and items that often used and referred to e.g., spare keys, debit and credit card banking information. The second pile will comprise of those things that will be rarely needed wills, birth certificates, photos etc.

          Step 5:  Store the often used items in an accordion file and create a master list for easier retrieval.

Step 6: Make a trip to your local hardware store or office supply place and purchase a fireproof safe.  There is no point in going through steps 1 through 5 if you are going to store everything a cardboard or plastic storage box that can be destroyed by fire or carried off by a home intruder. We suggest you opt for one of the larger models if not the largest one; more often than not we always underestimate the amount of storage space we need.  We also suggest you purchase a series waterproof sleeves and boxes to store your important documents and valuables within the safe.

Step 7:  If you are storing your fireproof safe at home ensure the safe is in a spot that is hidden, dry and bolted in place.

Step 8:  If you choose a storage facility make sure you know exactly where within the unit the safe is and that it can be easily accessed.  Don’t place heavy boxes and pieces of furniture around it, this will make opening the safe impossible without rearranging boxes and furniture.

Step 9:  Tell someone.  Don’t keep the existence and the location of your safe a secret from everyone; tell one trustworthy person the location and the combination of your safe.  If you use a storage facility for this, tell management that this individual is authorized enter your unit on your behalf.  If you and your family find yourself out of town this person can retrieve a set of spare car keys, credit card etc. without any hassle.

Step 10:   Don’t delay, get started TODAY.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!


When is the right time to stop saying Happy New Year?

When is the right time to stop saying

Happy New Year?

We have all been in this situation, its January 12th and you run into a colleague you haven’t seen since the holidays, you say “hello” and they respond with a cheery “Happy New Year” and, you are now left floundering trying to graciously return the happy felicitations.

When is it socially acceptable to stop wishing people a Happy New Year?

There is no one single right answer. Are you surprised? We have compiled a list of the most popular answers and are ready to pronounce our top five. Here they are, in no particular order.

1.)  When the month of January gets into the double digits.

2.)  One week into the New Year.

3.)  January 6th as this was the day the Three Wise Men reached Bethlehem, officially marking the end of the holiday season.

4.)  Until you’re tired of saying it.

5.)  When you are seeing the person for the first time in the month of January.

We suggest you use which ever rule works best for you.

We at Carnforth like rule number one, and thus would like to wish everyone a fantastic day!!!



The Three Pile Method

The Three Pile Method

The best way to purge and de clutter your home.

It’s the first week of a new year and if you are like most people you take this time to not only put away all of your Christmas decorations but,  to clear your home of excess clutter.  Psychologist say that when we purge and de clutter our living spaces we are actually trying to regain control over our lives.  December is a month of excessive spending, eating and revelry, it is no wonder in January all we want to do is press the reset button and start fresh.

Where to begin? We suggest you tackle this arduous task room by room, and separate all of the things you no longer want in your home into three piles.  The first pile is for garbage and recycling, the things which go into this pile are no longer of any use to you, your family or anyone else.  Make sure you separate the garbage from the recyclables and if you are disposing of any electronics, computers or hazardous materials ensure you do so responsibly.  The second pile is clothing, household items etc. which are in good condition but have outlived their use in your household.  Luckily there are a multitude of organizations calling to pick up these items.  May we suggest however you go off the beaten path a little, and donate these items to smaller organizations such as The New Mom Project which re-distributes new and gently used baby items, or The Oasis Clothing Bank.  These are community based non-for profits which need our help (see below for contact info).   Finally,  pile number three are those items  you do not need in your home all year round a.k.a. seasonal items, and those items  you are holding onto to because of personal and sentimental reasons.  By the time you have systematically gone through all the rooms in your home you will find that this third pile has become quite large.  At this point some of you will store pile number three in some boxes and or bags and stash them away in your furnace room, or garage.  If however, you are like most urban dwellers and space is a precious commodity, pile three end will up in an off-site storage facility.  We suggest when storing your seasonal and personal items that each box is clearly labeled if not itemized and, that you store the lesser needed boxes towards the back of your unit.

We at Carnforth Self Storage would like to wish all of you the best for a healthy and happy 2015 and happy purging!!!!

The New Mom Project: website: www.newmomproject.ca

Email: newmomproject@gmail.com

Oasis Clothing Bank: website: www.clothingbank.ca

Call for home pick up: 416 751 0553